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The Joryel Vera Collection has unique features that distinguish it from other jewelry brands. Our original designs and high-quality craftsmanship makes our silver jewelry stands out from the crowded market category of silver and gemstones. The collection is known for its prolific variety of styles, sizes, sensibility and price ranges.  The jewelry quality has value pricing and will entice many to fulfill the dream of owning beautiful jewelry.

Joryel Vera, the founder of Joryel Vera Silver Jewelry Collections, has perfected his
manufacturing standard to offer consistent quality. He is an award-winning designer with 30 years in the trade originally from Boston, Massachusetts; he founded the company in 1987 and has made his mark in the design and manufacturing of silver and gemstone jewelry. In 2008 his wife, Nev Vera joined the company. Today, Nev collaborates with Joryel on every aspect of the business His motto to design by is in the “Elegance of Simplicity,” and this is reflected in the clean simple lines of many of his designs and with a manufacturing motto of “fine craftsmanship elevates the simple to the extraordinary.”

Joryel Vera Enterprises Inc. is a member in good standing of the following jewelry trade organizations. The Company maintains consistent high quality standards manufacturing throughout the year.

 In 2019 Joryel Vera Silver & Gemstone Jewelry Collections was selected as an IJO vendor.
Independent Jewelers Organization with an opportunity to serve 900 Jewelry Retailers across the U.S.A.

 AGTA: American Gem Trade Association your guarantee that our gemstones are we say they are.

 Savor Silver: The New York City based Silver Jewelry Promotion Service of America.
Selected Joryel Vera as a Designer of distinction

 Joryel Vera Jewelry is manufactured at a RJC: Responsible Jewelry Council approved manufacturing facility. (This RJC requires a certification audit to be acknowledged as a member of high standing using and knowing all supply chain sources of our trades precious materials)

Joryel Vera Jewelry collections became a member of all these jewelry trade organizations to reinforce consumer confidence in our company and the jewelry trade at large by advancing responsible business, ethical, and environmental practices throughout the supply chain from the mine to the retail stage. JV continues to fulfill all the membership criteria of these organizations.

Your JORYEL VERA Jewelry has been crafted in our workshops where each jewel goes through our high quality control standard we give meticulous attention to
every detail of the production process. We certify that all Joryel Vera Fine Jewelry pieces are made of silver and 925 hallmarked and signed with the JV logo. The gemstones are of the best quality available, most being custom cut for a given design.

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