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Designer Joryel Vera leads the way offering a unique collection of high quality silver and gemstone jewelry,
merchandised in sets and design groups that will create multiple sales and collectors.

Design Concept

Styling true to his ideas, not following trends but creating them, having learned that “Good design never goes out of the Style.”

Fine Jewelry

An overused term that refers to gold, diamond, and precious gemstone jewelry; Fine jewelry redefinedby adopting a higher quality standard in silver manufacturing.

A Prolific Collection

Unique designs in the Elegance of Simplicity, A Touch of Modern, to Just Artistic Enough, making the Simple Extraordinary.

Original Design

“UNIQUENESS it is those that stand out who lead the way”


A trusted jewelry partner offering flexible payment schedule and buy-in special offers, no minimums


Our commitment to quality and customer service, social media, videos, posters, catalog and unique displays for sell through merchandising and more

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Quality Craftsmanship
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Joryel Vera

American Designer 

Uniqueness - Elegance - Modern Contemporary

The Jewelry collection covers a wide range of fine silver jewelry categories from the classic to the artistic, all are original designs making for a modern jewelry collection with wide commercial appeal. The collection includes standard earrings, pendants, rings, necklaces, and bracelets, as well as design categories. Joryel Vera Art Jewelry has attractive designs, “just artistic enough” affordable pricing so women can purchase for their own pleasure. Designs are available for casual, business, and formal occasions. We design to compliment lifestyles, clothing trends, hair styles and age groups. We are fascinated by the precious metals, gemstones and many other natural jewels used at the Joryel Vera Collection. We are dedicated to ensuring the integrity of craftsmanship & gemstone quality that you can stand behind with confidence.

We can't imagine a better job! My wife/partner and I at Joryel Vera Jewelers are family owned and operated. There are 5 of us in administrative positions, including our webmaster. But there are 100 of us behind producing the jewelry.

Designer Joryel Vera / partner and his wife Nev Vera

American Gem Trade Association

Jewelers Board of Trade

Jewelers of America

Independent Jewelers Organization

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Between November 1 st - December 31 st


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